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3. Content

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Your CX Report

The quality of your customer experience powers customer loyalty and advocacy. Which translates into growth, profitability and business success.

Let’s take a look at your results and see how payments can help power your experience.

1. About Your Agency

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2. Your Customer Experience

Your CX Rating: 5

Your Customer Advocacy

The chart below shows the change in the advocacy profile if you were to further improve your customer experience. Based on your CX rating, we’ve estimated your current advocacy score and the split between your Advocates, Neutrals and Critics. The chart below shows:

  • Advocates: This is the proportion of customers who are very highly likely to recommend you to others.

  • Neutrals: This is the proportion of customers who like you, but not enough to actively recommend you to others regularly.

  • Critics: This is the proportion of your customers who think you have some improvement to do and won’t recommend you.

We then calculated the change in your profile as you improve your CX and increase the number of advocates and decrease the number of critics.

The Advocacy Score is the percentage of Advocates minus the percentage of Critics and generates a score between -100 and +100. Organisations who excels in customer experience generally score +40. An average organisation would have a score of +15. While the bottom performers achieve a negative figure as low as -30.

Your Revenue Growth

Customer experience leaders are leaders in their industry and deliver much greater shareholder return.

Driving an increase in customer advocacy, means you’re driving customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendations. This could help propel your business performance too, as shown in the chart below:

eNett VANs break down the barriers between you and faster, easier, safer payments. VANs help you strengthen your customer experience, through facilitating an increase in content. This improves employee experience, and can even provide a lever for pricing improvements by giving you a rebate on each transaction*.

This helps you provide a better experience for customers while growing your business.

3. Your Content

Your Content Rating: 5

Our research shows there’s a strong link between the number of listings a travel agent carries and the customer experience. The impact of this is significant.

Managing a large number of suppliers or significantly increasing the number of listings, can be difficult when using traditional B2B payment methods. Travel companies might restrict suppliers (hotels, airlines, etc.) available to a customer to protect against supplier default or risk of fraud, reducing customer choice. And the more admin effort you need to manage your supplier network, especially where suppliers are in different locations and use different currencies.

eNett simplifies payments by seamlessly integrating clever payments into the daily operations of travel companies. VANs can better control supplier default risk and can lower supplier management overheads. This means more simplified payments and opening up more content that may otherwise have been dismissed.

4. Your Employee Experience

Your Employee Experience Rating: 5

Employee experience is closely linked to customer experience, including for companies where most interaction is online.

Choosing eNett VANs helps power a better employee experience by simplifying or, even better, automating important but time-consuming tasks like reconciling supplier payments. Allowing your people to put more energy into higher value, more interesting activities. Like working on things that improve customer experience and drive business results.

To Sum Up

Selecting an innovative payment solution like eNett VANs protects agencies (and therefore travellers) from supplier default and opens up a greater set of destinations and supplier options.

Contact us to discuss how eNett VANs can help improve the customer experience for your end customers and drive improved commercial results.

*VANs terms and conditions apply.

Based on eNett’s assumptions and research. It may not take into account other factors that will impact your financial situation and is intended as a guide only. eNett VANs terms and conditions apply.

The CX ROI Calculator is intended as a factual guide only, based on the variables you input and assumptions made by the Calculator (which we believe to be objective and reasonable). You can view these assumptions here. It is an estimate of how investing in customer experience could potentially translate into financial benefits for your company. There will always be other factors that will impact the actual business results achieved by your company. The results of the Calculator should be taken as indicative only and are not guaranteed nor intended as a forecast. eNett will not accept any liability for any decisions that may be made based on this Calculator. You may request a factsheet of the assumptions used by the Calculator. In Australia, eNett International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. ARBN 161 362 661 holds an AFSL (number 441376) and is not authorised to provide financial product advice other than general advice in relation to our products. The Calculator is not intended to recommend a particular product and you should consider our PDS before acting.